I resolve to have goals

2014. Another year, another attempt at getting life “in order”.

This year, I’m not doing “resolutions“, but I am doing “goals“.
By the dictionary definitions they’re very different, although in life we, as a society, tend to use them interchangeably.

That doesn’t mean that the goals this year are really any different from the resolutions of years past – I’m still striving to do better toward myself in all ways (physically, diet, exercise, emotionally, etc). I’m also striving to get to my career goals and increase my value to the outside world.

The difference is in my approach to these things – when it’s a resolution I feel that when I fail the first time it gives me an excuse to give up because it’s a black/white checklist. Whereas, when it’s a goal it holds more of a foundation of the end result over the day-to-day progress.

So, to be a bit specific and therefore have a bit more accountability here are my 5 goals for the next 365 days:

  • live a better life for myself: instead of making decisions based on what others might think is best or what I should do, I need to get back to relying on my own judgement
  • make room for my creativity to bloom, again: I’ve spent too much time on cerebral “stuff” in the last year or two that I’ve lost touch with those creative parts of my soul that need to be expressed in order for me to live a fulfilled life. This is part of where this blog comes in – the accountability of sharing my writing / photography / maybe even some other art forms
  • deal with the “stuff” in my life: the physical stuff that fills closets & rooms and, maybe more importantly, the stuff that clutters up my mind & emotions. This is another place where this blog should help, it can be my mind dump when I need it be
  • find my enjoyment of life again: I kind of feel like this is a repeat of the other goals combined, because I am betting I need to do the others in order to get to this one, but it also adds in taking responsibility in learning to take the initiative in doing the things that give me a few minutes of enjoyment on a regular basis
  • keep my goals in mind: this might even be the hardest one, it’s just so easy to slip back into a rut and let the goals go by the wayside

So, here’s to the new year!



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