again, again, again

In the past, when I’d “fail” to blog for a while but considered starting up again I’d close the blog and set up a whole new one.

I’m not doing that this year. I’m going to live with my past “fails” and just picking up anew.

So, in the coming days I hope to start sharing on a regular basis. I’d say “again” but we all know I didn’t really share on a regular basis before so it can’t be again if it never was in the first place.
I expect to share an update on what’s been going on, what I think my plan will be for the new year (hint: watch for more creative endeavors, new job hunt, learning to deal with family better and dealing with my own health in a more balanced way.

For now I’ll wish you all a happy, safe last few days of the old year and beginning of the new year


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