…And in with the New


Day 1 of 365 in 2015 – what good am I going to do in the world with those moments? I’ve already defined what good I intend am going to do for me, but how about what I can do for the world outside my own mind/body/soul?

So, with the photo goals maybe I can donate some really nice art shots to a charity auction this year. Or, when I get my new job I can make sure that I will have my two days off each week together so I can get my stuff done and still have time to volunteer – so maybe I can volunteer to do photographs of families that can’t afford to hire a photographer, I’m thinking specifically those with family in hospice or new parents who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

As for my health goals maybe I can cook healthy meals for or walk the dog of some neighbors as we go through this crazy flu season that’s being experienced already and is predicted to get worse.

I can read to kids that are in the hospital, and while I wouldn’t count each of those books individually maybe I would count every 10 kids book read as one completed on my list of 26.

And as far as the new job goes – that’s going to make the rest of these possible. Between my feeling more energized and the schedule (fingers crossed) being more realistic than my current schedule I expect that my outlook on life will be more positive and possibly that will lend a little bit to the world, too.


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