my job is invading my me time

And it’s not the job’s fault.

Last night I had trouble going to sleep. Like it took a few hours of cooking shows on YouTube for my brain to stop it’s marathon run on inane subjects before I could fall asleep.*

Anyway, once my brain did slow down and I was able to wind down and fall asleep all I dreamed about all night was work – both my old job and my current job combined. It was so frustrating.

I don’t remember many details from any of the dreams, but there were at least 3 longer dreams revolving on the same theme.
In the first I had to chose between three work scenarios, each of which were going to end with someone getting hurt/killed.
You guys, I don’t have a job that involves life or death scenarios at this point so I’m not prepared to deal with this kind of decision making (yet). I wouldn’t say it was disturbing enough to call it a nightmare, but it was certainly uncomfortable.

In the second and third dream I was working at the location of one job but doing the work of the other job.
Well, now that I’m writing about it I think the only reason that this was separate dreams was because I got up to do what a person must get up to do sometimes in the middle of the night as they age.

Oh well, either way the point is that I am really feeling the need to work on getting a new job, this current job is definitely not supporting my goal of being a healthier me.

On a positive note, I found a couple great recipes to try soon:
Poached Chicken & Bok Choy in Ginger Broth
Chicken Parm with Grits & Tomatoes

* I should explain that I have clinically confirmed/diagnosed insomnia, and I’ve learned tricks to deal with it most of the time, so while it’s a problem it’s also something I’m used to dealing with. And while I know someone out there is going to say I shouldn’t watch tv or use the computer when I’m dealing with it, I have found that for me sometimes TV/Videos are the only thing that can stave off the frustration that just hypes of my brain even further, which I find is worth the blue light that I’m viewing.


One thought on “my job is invading my me time

  1. If your current job is not supporting you reaching your goals and being healthier…you are right…you need a new one! I encourage you to not stop until you find the PERFECT fit for you. You have a lot to offer and desire to thrive in your work. Best wishes!

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