Globes Fashion Opinions from the Very Unfashionable Me

Up front I’m going to say – I’m absolutely, decidedly, unfashionable.
But I love critiquing celeb (women’s) fashion, especially for awards shows.

So, tonight I’m taking that love and running with it, in a very judgy but loving way. And here we go…

As always Giuliana Rancic looks ridiculously skinny. I swear this woman would look beautiful if she gained 10 lbs, but at her current weight her head looks bigger than her ass. I hate that I could see her hip bones through the dress. She can change clothes really fast though!

Rosamund Pike – beautiful woman, the dress doesn’t do her any favors though. I think the dress could have been lovely on a young woman, it looks like it’s the wrong size all around. I will say, she just gave birth 5 weeks ago, and in the proper dress for her we’d all be talking about how amazing her body looks – but instead I’m amazed her stylist let her leave the room in a dress that looks so wrong on her. Possibly if it were tailored better I’d like it. But it isn’t, and I don’t.

Eddie Redmayne – a man in a tux almost always looks handsome. And of course he holds true to that.

Laura Carmichael – amazing looking on the Red Carpet, young, classy, and she looked comfortable at the same time. Single shoulder with side boob and crystal stars on her hip works for her.

Laura Prepon – the dress is beautiful, but too matronly looking for her. I honestly thought it was Catherine Zeta Jones for a minute, who is beautiful, but 20 years older.

Bill Hader – another man in a tux, looking good.

Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts – Her dress is beautiful, but I find it interesting that we all were making fun of Lena Dunham for wearing the same color last year. I still don’t like the color, but Naomi can pull it off.

Amy Adams – I think this woman is absolutely beautiful, but I thought the dress was predictable. I wish she would have gone a bit more special & less obvious, maybe even a bit surprising with her dress.

Gina Rodriguez – this woman is so pretty and her personality is so vivacious that I think she did the right thing and went with a simple black dress (with fantastic shoes) and simple hair & makeup.

Quvenzhane Wallis – this little girl is just adorable, being appropriately dressed for both her age & the event

Julie Louis-Dreyfus – beautiful in white fitted gown, but it’s predictable. I get that you reach a point where you know what looks good on you, but come on do SOMETHING that’s surprising.

Ethan Hawk & Kevin Spacey – another couple male actors in tuxes.

Kata Mara (who was with Kevin Spacey for all you House of Cards fans) – they didn’t show her much, but from what I saw she looked gorg in a well fitted red dress (I don’t get the belt though)

Judith Light – looked better than I’d seen her in years in an Emerald Green gown. There’s not much to say about the gown itself other than the color, but she looked great.

Dakota Johnson – I hate her as a brunette, but her dress was killer. A grey/silver/purpley glittery fitted gown that definitely flattered her.

And it was at this point that I realized I couldn’t keep up with the tv show and the live feed, so I went to tv only…

Christine Baransky – again predictable, but lovely.

Lourde – young, odd and beautiful

Seth Meyers – another man in a tux, this time blue instead of black. Nice.

Matt Bomer – speaking of a male actor in a blue tux. Whew, this man is perfection.

Lena Dunham & Andrew Rannells – oh boy. He looked handsome in a tux. She was in red. This girl needs someone to intervene and have her either 1. stop trying to wear a gown at all or 2. fit the damned gowns properly.

Amy & Tina – hell these ladies need no last names anymore, at least not in my eyes. And how beautiful they both looked, Tina in a black & white cute french-maid-ish gown (would you ever think that would be a thing??? lol) and Amy in a beautiful blue dress that would have looked old on anyone else, but on Amy it looked modern & fresh.

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger – classy and beautiful, both of them. I LOVED her bag though.

Emily Blunt – despite her hair she looked beautiful. Those earrings are to die for, and that dress is the way a woman who had a baby this year does sexy on the Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain – if I’d seen this dress on a rack somewhere I’d have thought the store picked an ugly dress from the 80’s and were playing a joke on their customers. On Jessica though it looked fab.

Allison Williams – on one hand I loved this frou-frou red dress but if I looked at it for too long I began to think it was a bad fake Christmas tree. I’m betting it looked better in person, not at all Christmas tree like.

Sienna Miller – the dress was beautiful, she was beautiful. I didn’t like the combo of her in the dress though.

Elie Kemper – this silver/grey dress is amazing, and she wore it perfectly. She could be one of the best dressed women of the night.

Michael Keaton – this tux was so perfectly tailored. Well done Michael.

Ruth Wilson – this dress should have been ugly. I should have hated it. But, by God I think it was amazing on her.

Uzo Aduba – sexy silver & red fitted dress

Julianne Moore – I mean…come on. This woman is amazing in her fashion. I bow down.

Kate Beckinsale – I’ve often thought this woman is perfection, and she continued to feed that in my head tonight.

Steve Carrell – handsome man in a tux.

Kevin Hart – I love this tux, and I love that he took the risk.

Julianna Margulies – from a distance she looked immaculate, up close thought she looks too skinny and unhealthy

Adam Levine – this is another one of those men that floats my boat, usually I like him in jeans & a t-shirt, but in a tux tonight he looked quite handsome.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend – classy and gorgeous, both of them

Keira Knightley – um. I’m speechless. Really? What the eff was that that she was wearing? I can’t even think of a quip to answer that question it’s so ugly. Huge collar. Sequinned butterflies & feathers. Tiered eyelet.

Jennifer Lopez – another glittery silver gown, and again it works. (BTW – anyone else sick to death of her new movie’s commercial already?)

Claire Danes – she didn’t look bad, but it was a lot. I can’t decide if I think the dress was beautiful but wrong for her or if it was just plain ugly. I like her better in simple dresses.

Anna Kendrick – fun, pretty pink/red gown. I adore this woman, so I wish she’d been interviewed by E!, but alas she wasn’t. I’ll have to just continue to enjoy her twitter.

Katherine Heigl – I don’t like this woman, and I don’t know why. Sh seems engaging and she looked beautiful, but I just can’t find it in me to like her.

(I got pulled away for a few minutes here, so I missed a couple people, unfortunately)

Channing & Jena Tatum – he’s a guy in a tux, I don’t find him as hot as most women seem to, so adding a tux to him didn’t do much for me. BUT Jena looked like perfection. That was a gorg dress in a soft yet cheery yellow that perfectly complimented all her coloring (light eyes, dark hair, as well as her porcelain skin)

Amal & George Clooney – I think these two may be the closest thing we may ever get to royalty. And they looked it. He was in an impecably tailored tux, and she went with simple hair, makeup and black dress with white gloves that looked old school Hollywood and all put together in her simple style she looked anything but simple – it was chic and classy and absolutely stunning. And I didn’t hate it that she took a moment to make it clear that she stands with the French in all that’s gone down in France this week. It’s clear why he’d find this woman so different from all the other beauties he’s had relationships with.

Emma Stone – yay she’s a red head again. And in a pant suit that couldn’t possibly look more feminine with the silver (crystal???) top and sexy black pants.

Reese Witherspoon – another beautiful silver dress. on Reese it was pretty, but predictable.

Kate Hudson – she looked beautiful and the dress was unlike any other. Her face looks “refreshed”, but damn that body is the stuff every human dreams of

Jennifer Aniston – predictably gorg in simple black, but definitely not boring predictable.

Lupita Nyong’o – she’s continuing the trend of being stunning and the dress was fun.

Kerry Washington – face & hair was perfection, the dress eh. I will give her credit for wearing a dress that’s not typical, and it wasn’t ugly. It just wasn’t pretty either.

Benedict Cumberbatch – another actor in a well tailored tux. I find him so much hotter as Sherlock than as himself.

Jake & Maggie Gyllenhall – handsome & pretty, and adorably sibling fun

Melissa McCarthy – she looked so pretty & school marm-ish. Again something I never would have guessed I would say.

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris – handsome & pretty. I could totally see her doing Real Housewives in the future though – don’t ask why this occured to me, it just did.

Felicity Jones – like Lupita she went different and modern, and not at all typical. The dress was a lovely teal gown. She’s on my top 10 list for sure.

And with that I’m off to watch the Globes – – – well, at least the intro. I hope Tina & Amy eat ’em up! (they did – I especially loved the Amal & George commentary)

P.S. – is there anyone else totally excited to see Kathy Giffin take over Fashion Police starting tomorrow night? I also am looking forward to the new male co-host Brad Goreski, and I’m hoping that they’ll have Ross Matthews make appearances.


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