they’re doers

God bless my neighbors, they’re doers.

And before I go further I want to make sure I share that I’ve benefited from their constant doing, in many ways, so I don’t want to complain. I’m not going to complain, I’m just sharing my experience. It’s not the same, really. It’s not.
Anyway, enough rationalizing.

They are lovely folks who work hard to make ends meet – some might call them “salt of the earth” kinds of folks.
It’s not unusual to find my sidewalk shoveled during the winter, simply because they were already out doing their own so they just kept going. And during the summer the same can be said for my front lawn being mowed.

And since I am alone in being responsible for this home I am extremely grateful for their help, I never expect it, but when it happens I thank my lucky stars to have them next door.
And in my way there are things that I am able to help them with – like they don’t have enough parking space for their cars and their boat/winter toys, and I have an extra parking spot so I let them park there virtually  year around, the only time I don’t is when I have visitors in town who will need to park there, and that’s maybe 5-10 days a year total. And they use my compost to put the trimmings from their trees & garden as well as store their ladders and other long/tall/large tools on my side of the fence next to my shed since they don’t have a good spot to store them on their side of the fence.
I also make a point of showing my thanks in ways I’m good at – like making them dinner a couple times a year, something they can easily heat & eat, I leave little thank you gifts on their door step (a great bottle of wine with cheese & crackers or 6 pack of high end beer with some homemade salsa & a bag of chips, etc) and every once in a while this last winter they plowed my short 7foot driveway for me a few times as well as the sidewalk so I got them a $50 gas card tucked in a thank you greeting card to make sure they knew that I appreciated it.

And now comes the part where I’m not complaining…

Sometimes their doing goes a bit beyond what I’m comfortable with – like spreading some kind of weed/ant killer on my lawn when I paid a company to spread weed & feed. Because the two chemicals don’t mix (I don’t know why, but this is what I was told by the company I paid for weed & feed service when I complained that my lawn didn’t look any better) I now have less-than-stellar grass and plenty of weeds instead of the well-fed grass and dead weeds that I paid a couple hundred dollars for.

Then there’s last spring when they decided they wanted to improve the grass in the space between our two houses so they did some soil improvement and in the process killed some plants that I had planted late the fall before because they didn’t realize that the plants were there.

And last summer I found her in my garden pulling things – nothing important, it was just weird since the garden is on the opposite side of the house from where they live and I’d just been out there weeding earlier in the day so there wouldn’t have been anything obvious that needed pulling.

None of it was done intentionally to cause damage, I get that, but it’s not their property to be making decisions about without speaking with me.
And truthfully, none of this is a big enough deal to spark a confrontation over. I’m just getting a bit tense right now over it because the weather is getting spring-like and I can hear them working in their yard right now and it makes me wonder what I’m going to have to overlook this year.

God bless ’em.


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