random facts

Just some random facts that I have come across on Twitter…

note: I haven’t researched any of them, so if it’s going to be on some test of some sort please do your research to confirm because I do not want a call from your mother asking why I’m such a bad influence on you…hehe)

  • Polar bears are left handed
  • The plural, gender-neutral term for “nieces & nephews” is niblings. (This might be my favorite one because I always wanted to nibble on my nieces & nephews when they were babies)
  • Soak your Oreos in half-and-half, and lay them on wax paper in the freezer. In an hour each one is now a mini ice cream sandwich!
  • Having at least 1 “Lazy day” per week can help reduce stress, high blood pressure, stroke & heart disease. Finally a “reason” for my laziness!
  • If you blend cheap red wine in a blender for 20 seconds it’ll aerate the wine & make it taste “amazing”

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