sharing is caring monday

Another week, another list.
I’m thinking of doing a few themed lists – any thoughts on that, good idea, bad idea?

  • Some people think it’s rude, but I think it’s caring. I don’t want to become the center of attention of a party/event when I’m leaving earlier than others – I slip out so others can continue to enjoy each other without my interruption
  • Will someone make these for me. And maybe this and this while you’re at it. Thanks.
  • I had a therapist who used to say “Don’t should on me” when I’d go on about what I should have done in different circumstances. And yes, he meant it just like “Don’t shit on me”.
  • whip it, whip it good
  • I LOVED my Spirograph
  • I’m on an orgainzing kick lately – at least a planning to organize kick. Here’s a good list of Garage organizing options (many of the options could be used in other areas, not just garage). Same goes for this laundry room list
  • Even if you’re not a hiker these are some decent hacks
  • And even if you don’t have kids there are some good ideas here

I swear, I read more than buzzfeed this week. I just didn’t think to share anything from the other sites. Promise. Pinky Swear.


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