my father was hit by a car

and I mean my father was hit, not a car he was in – his body was struck by a car.

He’d been out for an exercise walk in the park area across a main road from my street, and he saw the weather starting to turn so he headed back. Because of this weather he didn’t go down to the light to cross the street, he saw no cars coming in either direction so he crossed the main road between streets. As he did so a car pulled out from one of those streets and hit him. I believe it was a true accident, the driver wasn’t being stupid, he just didn’t see a man in the road and truthfully I would not have been looking for a man either. The man stopped and called the police but because the storm was rolling in cell phone service was spotty and they couldn’t reach us.

When the storm started roaring I went out to look for Dad, afraid that he’d gotten lost (he has early stages of Alzheimer’s disease) or simply had walked too far from home and couldn’t get back before the storm hit.

Video of the storm (lots of language) I was driving around in:

And here’s a video of some of the streets I was trying to search during the storm (the video is from after, but just to get an idea of what kind of stuff I was dodging while searching).

Having shared this I want to make it clear – all in all we were lucky. My dad survived. I didn’t make things worse by getting into an accident driving around in the storm. My house & yard had minimal damage. Things could have gone in much worse ways – and I’m aware of how bad it all could have been. I’m thankful to know, but not to have experienced it.

So, that’s why I’ve been absent for the last 3 months. But, time has passed and Dad is healing. And I’ve made changes in my life that I’ll be sharing here soon.


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