back at the sharing is caring monday grind

  • This photographer’s work is beyond amaze-balls. Absolutely, truly, awesome.
  • I forget how much truth is in this movie. This is a good reminder
  • Back in the day my mom would buy mint flavored ice cream for the holidays and I hate it. Boy-oh-boy does that prove to me that kids have bad taste. Anyhow, here’s some edible reasons to be excited for the holiday season
  • I have been almost obsessed with watching YouTube videos on tiny homes – and I saw this idea on there of using a projector with an Apple TV/Roku type device instead of having a TV. I’m seriously thinking about doing this because I also find myself considering moving back to my hometown – after the “excitement” of the last few months I’m finding myself feeling more and more like I live too far from family. So, anyone know anything about these?
  • I don’t know if it’s that everything happens for a reason or if making things happen out of grief is finding reason for the pain but either way it’s an interesting read.

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