Caring is Sharing Monday

Ummm, make that Tuesday because I forgot to post this yesterday. Whoops, my bad.

  • So, THAT’s how to do it? I seriously have never been able to whistle with my fingers. Also, I’ve never been able to whistle with a blade of grass. Or snap…well, I can do a faint snap with my right hand, but not really
  • I’m thinking about not putting up my Christmas tree this year, so maybe a few of these will give me some holiday spirit in a more laid back way?
  • Speaking of getting into the holidays, I haven’t made these in years, but I’m thinking of putting a batch together but not make ornaments out of them, I’m thinking making little balls and putting them in a dish – kind of like you would have done with potpourri back in the day
  • I can almost smell the yuminess, already
  • Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me. This year it wasn’t a good day for most of us. This (simple but deep) diagram helped me feel a tiny bit better about civilization because it seemed like most of the world banded together to emotionally support those in need of support, so maybe there’s hope.

I’ve always been a lake girl, the mountains are beautiful, but I never daydreamed about living there. But, I think I could live here (but I need a toilet added, please)


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