getting to work getting work

I’ve learned something bone deep – being involved in a potentially tragic event brings to light what is (are?) important to a person, or at least it has for me.

It’s cliche. I know it, you know it, anyone over the age of 15 knows it. But there’s also the fact that there’s a reason it’s cliche – it’s true for the masses.

In my world one of those things that came to the surface was my distaste for my job. So, now that I’m not needed in my hometown quite so much, I’ve left that job and I have taken a job that I don’t expect to stay at for long, but it’s a job that’s good for the soul – less so for the wallet. In the meantime I’m working to find a job that does a bit better at ticking both boxes.

Why would I do that? Why leave a well-paid job for one that doesn’t pay nearly so well? Well, I’ve already mentioned that it’s good for my soul – I’ll be serving the needs of people in my community. And truthfully, I was afraid that if I held off until I found a job that paid well as well as w being good for my soul, well, I was afraid I’d fall back into routine and stay stuck.

I’ve been making it work for a while now, and by making it work I mean that I’ve survived it. It wasn’t the worst job in the world, but I came home daily emotionally exhausted, and all I did was work and sleep. That’s not a life, or at least not one I want to live anymore.

I’m an introvert by nature. I love people, but being with them 9 hours/day drained me.
I didn’t have the time or the energy to continue with school so classes went by the wayside.
I had a whole list of things I wanted to do this summer (before the accident) and not a single one of them got done – and these are things I WANTED to do. Don’t even ask about the list of things that I should have done, but didn’t.
I haven’t taken a picture in 6 months with my good camera. The closest I’ve come is to take a couple cell phone shots of the sunrise/sunset or stupid shots of where I was parked.
And these are just some of the ways I wasn’t living my life.

So, I’ve applied for a bunch of jobs. I had an interview today. I have another interview tomorrow – this for a job that I don’t remember applying for so I’m hoping my brain is thinking fast tomorrow when they start talking about what the job is.

In the meantime, I left that job that I disliked so much and in the meantime I’m working a low paying job that is good for my soul. But I can’t make ends meet for long on this pay scale, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.



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