Sharing is Caring

  • I despise fear mongering – and it seems that it’s all there is anymore in media. Well, that and outrage at everything
  • Oh David, what will we do without you? Thankfully we have a year left before we have to find out
  • Wait? I thought this kind of thing was just a joke from Master of None, I didn’t think it was real
  • This is a bit extreme, but I have to say I’m impressed with the planning. I just wonder what he did with all those cards since he wasn’t paying for coffee?
  • I’m not saying that I agree with the crowd actions, however maybe if the article had included info on why they may have done that I could find a little more respect for the writers/media outlet (the clip below actually references the words chanted. It’s a clip from a really apropos episode of West Wing, and while the whole clip is great the portion specific to the chanting starts at around 2:22)

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