Caring is Sharing Monday

Well, cripes, I didn’t post last week. I had the nasty stomach flu so I’m sure you’ll forgive me the skipped week, right?

  • Two  things came to mind when I read this article – 1. Holy crap, it’s been 20 years? and 2. Damned right he could have fit!
  • I have to admit, I’m bummed that there won’t be any Sookie, but I’m still way stoked about it coming back
  • So, I’ve never really been into cars. I figured as long as it ran and had a radio I was happy. But oddly, this popped up on Facebook and I instantly decided I want one. I figure I have a couple years to save up … heehee
  • And another post about train travel. This time it’s a bit more of a realistic trip for my first time.
  • Swear like a founding father…really is there anything else to say about that?



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