Sharing is Caring Friday!

Okay, SiCM has become SiCF, and rather than wait until next week Friday I’m going to post a second time this week (I know, shocking!)
Also, I’m going to add a new series to the Monday slot.

  • Well, I’m wasting money & time washing some things way too often it seems
  • Hmm, I might as well put a cauldron on my front porch
  • Interesting, but honestly I don’t want to think too hard on this since my dad has ALZ and I’m uncomfortable with what it means – I’m not sure it’s “right” to be uncomfortable, but I am, so there’s
  • I’m inspired by this site, does that come off as a bit shallow to be inspired by an article about shopping & buying things? Does it help that I’m inspired to stop being so wasteful?
  • I love Pinterest. I do. But, I find that I’m tired of the idea that to be organized it has to be beautiful. If it’s a space that is seen then by all means make it pleasing to look at, but really, does a drawer have to be pretty or the pantry? I’m over this but I still love Pinterest.



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