Something New, I Believe…

So, this space used to be the space for “Sharing is Caring Monday”, which has become “Sharing is Caring Friday”. That means that this space is open for something new to be created.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so much coincidence now that I think about it), I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the fact that I don’t easily share much about myself with people. I have this deep seated (deep seeded?) fear of being judged for my thoughts/beliefs/ideas.
When it was brought to my attention that some friends don’t feel that I care for them as much because I don’t share, I was really sad, not only because I’d hurt a person I cared a lot about, but also because we were mainly work friends and it was my last week of working there so I worry that I didn’t have a chance to repair the friendship. I’m still working on it, but we don’t often see each other anymore so I still worry.

This spot is now going to be filled with honest statements about what I believe – it’ll be about the big things and the little things I believe to be true. Sometimes it might be a list of things and other times it will be all about one or two things that I expound upon.
I won’t pretend that I know the whole truth about anything – I can only know about the things I’ve experienced, and even then I can only know them from my perspective on the experiences, so if you have a different take on them I’d be happy to hear/read your opinions as well.

I’m going to start off a little on the easy side of things with a list (some of these things you may see more of in the future as I may revisit them in more detail):

  • I believe that opinions can & should change – since I continue to experience things in life I don’t want to be someone who is dead-set on my beliefs being one way and never changing
  • I believe in a God (definitely more to come on this one as well as the next few)
  • I also believe in Science
  • I believe that the two above beliefs can and should exist in the same space
  • I believe in Karma & The Universe
  • I believe in trusting others until they prove to be untrustworthy – although I struggle to live this belief when it comes to letting others into my personal life experiences
  • I believe that often times what is simple is what is best, even though I also believe that deep thinking is good for the soul (as long as you don’t become obsessive about it)
  • I believe in the power of good chocolate
  • And coffee
  • I believe that I need to hug more
  • I believe that health is important, but so is eating unhealthy food sometimes
  • I believe that being alone is not the same thing as being lonely
  • I believe more people need to learn that they can be alone so they can be better at being together in relationships
  • I believe this list is long enough for today.



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