I Believe…Soul Mates

I believe in soul mates. The Yin & Yang of two people mixing and matching. Contrasting. Fitting together.

I also believe that soul mates are in one’s life forever. Even if the person isn’t.

I didn’t just contradict myself there, I fully know that the movies and books say that soul mates will find a way to be together, that the fates will always bring them back together.
But reality doesn’t always work that way. People are fallible and make choices that change the course of one’s life and by result change the course of the lives of others. Sometimes for the negative, but often times for the positive.

But the experience remains. The memory of the feeling remains. This is forever.

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to write about this particular belief.
A little while back I came across something on Instagram that made me realize that my belief is not insane, I’m not alone in believing that sometimes we don’t marry our soul mate.
And today I was cleaning out my links, procrastinating on some work that I needed to get done, and I came across the link again. And the weight of the thought felt so heavy that I needed to share it. So, I am.

No, wait. This is about me and my beliefs so I’m going to re-word that – – –

I’m not going to marry my soul mate. My soul mate will live on in my soul and out in the world, but it will be in a separate orbit from mine. Our paths will cross from time to time, and I’ll cherish those moments for what they are. Just like I’ll cherish all the other moments that imprint on my soul in my lifetime.


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