I watch almost as much TV, but I started enjoying watching shows more

I used to work for a cable company, which one it was doesn’t really matter, they’re all the same in the end. But I don’t work there or even in the industry anymore. And cable tv went from being free to too damned expensive.

So, I gave it up. Well, not right away – I kept it for a while but I found I rarely turned it on. So the expense became even heightened since I was paying out the butt for something I wasn’t even using.

Maybe it’s because I now only watch the things I chose to watch, when I want to watch it vs what’s been hyped up by commercials and when they want me to watch it.
Maybe it’s because I watch whole seasons in one to two days, so I get fully immersed in the story telling.
Or maybe it’s a combo of all the above.

I don’t think I’m unusual in these things. I think it’s pretty common to feel like I’m paying too much for my entertainment, then don’t even use it very much. I think loads of us in our society enjoy watching whole seasons of shows in one sitting – there’s a reason we have the term “binge watching”.

One way that I think I’m different is similar to the ways I’m different in what movies I watch, music I listen to and books I read (wow, if you were able to follow that sentence the first time, I’m impressed with your ability to interpret)- I don’t like watching what’s popular, typically. Why? Well, because often when I do I’m disappointed by the lack of expectations being met. An example is Gilmore Girls. I was SUCH a fan from the beginning of that show back when the CW was the WB and I truly wanted to love the reboot. I didn’t. I enjoyed it enough to finish it, but I wouldn’t likely ever watch those 4 episodes again. Sigh

But I have watched some really good shows and thought I’d share some of my favorites in the last six months:

On Netflix:
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Chelsea Does
Grace & Frankie
And of course there’s the obvious ones – Sherlock, The West Wing, Stranger Things & Orange is the New Black.

On Amazon:
Orphan Black
Mr Robot

There are two shows I have been loving watching for the current season – This is Us & The Good Place

I’d heartily recommend any of these, just know I tend to like a heavier drama silly/odd comedy. If you have watched any of these let me know.

Or if you have a recommendation for me I’d love to hear that, too!


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