Learning to Grieve

In the last two weeks I have learned a few things about grieving, which I’d thought I’d already known,  but have found these 5 especially surprising:

  • Just because you don’t see me crying doesn’t mean that I’m not completely heartbroken broken, it simply means I’m working hard to not let the pain rule the entire world. I’m allowed to enjoy moments even though overall I’m sadder than I’ve ever imagined possible. Please don’t make it worse by judging my worthiness of a moment of relief
  • Sometimes the stupidest things make me well up, while things I’d have expected to make me cry won’t
  • How physically painful grief is
  • That being home it’s the hardest of all. There are more things I want to talk to you about when I’m home vs when I’m anywhere else. This adds to the difficulty for me right now, since I’m a homebody by nature
  • Hugs are everything. Even when they’re from people who I’m not especially close

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