2017 can suck it

We have a president who, it seems, can’t stand helping people – in fact I wonder if he even thinks about the citizens of this country as people unless they’re (monetarily) wealthy.
I’m not being hyperbolic at all when I say I’m afraid of what his ego will cause – I can easily imagine everything from societal downfall to outright nuclear war.

My father’s Alzheimer’s has progressed significantly in the last 3 months.

My mother died 8-10 months earlier than doctors thought she would. Hell, just the fact that my mother has died, let alone the timing.

One of my brothers is barely on speaking terms with his daughters (this is the brother who also has brain cancer).

Another brother is barely on speaking terms with me (or maybe it’s that I’m barely on speaking terms with him? Some days it’s one way, other days it’s the other way. I love him, but he’s a jackass.)

I’m moving out of the house that I absolutely adore for all it’s charm and uniqueness and I’m moving into a cookie-cutter condo in a city a couple hours away from some of my closest friends.
This is my choice, I’m doing it mostly because my father needs more support than my siblings are willing to give, so I’m okay with the move, it’s just that I love my home and had so many great plans for it and now I’m giving it all up.

And one of those close friends just had surgery, two days ago, to remove a cancerous growth. And it’s the second surgery she’s had to have since the beginning of the year. She didn’t tell me about the first because she knew I was overwhelmed with Mom & Dads health issues at the time. So, I’m worried about her and also I feel bad about not being able to support her as much as she has supported me in the last 6 months.


In the coming days I’m going to start doing a gratitude challenge so I won’t whine on and on about these things, but in the meantime I just want to put it out there that I’ve dealt with my fair share of challenges this year already, so it’s time for this proverbial black cloud I’ve been living under to move on out of my life.


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