52 Movies (2016)

Along the lines of my book reading goal, I also have a movie watching goal.
Why? What good does watching movies do? Is this another way to excuse being lazy? (these are the questions you’re asking in my head)…Well, no it’s not about being lazy. I’ve been being lazy for a while now and just watching whatever is the first semi-interesting thing I find when I turn on the Roku/Computer, whereas choosing a movie to watch takes some consideration and planning (for time). I also can’t count any re-watched movie, they have to be new to me. So, I’m hoping this will get me engaged in making new choices again.

What I’ve watched:

  1. About Alex – a cute movie, but it felt a little like an attempt to make a copy of The Big Chill for the younger generation.
  2. A Five Star Life – I don’t often watch foreign films (this one is Italian), but I enjoyed that this film was able to explore the single-ness of an aging woman without ending with the out of the blue romance at just the right time, blah-blah-blah.  One great take-away for me is an interesting quote by a side character “Luxury is a form of deceit…Real luxury is the pleasure of a real life lived to the full and full of imperfections.”
  3. Welcome to Me
  4. Philomena
  5. Copenhagen
  6. The Best of Me
  7. Twinsters
  8. August: Osage County
  9. Liberal Arts
  10. Holidaze
  11. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
  12. Happy Christmas
  13. Drinking Buddies
  14. Chef
  15. Tig
  16. Obvious Child
  17. Hector and the Search for Happiness
  18. Insurgent
  19. The Other Woman
  20. Mockingjay Pt 1
  21. Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story
  22. The Joneses
  23. This Isn’t Funny
  24. Entourage
  25. Gone Girl
  26. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  27. The Intern
  28. Burnt
  29. This is Where I Leave You
  30. The Fault in Our Stars
  31. Birdman or (Unexpected Virtue)
  32. Pitch Perfect 2
  33. Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper
  34. Mockingjay Pt 2
  35. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  36. Paper Towns
  37. Tallulah
  38. The Fundamentals of Caring
  39. Adult Beginners
  40. Amanda Knox
  41. Irish Pubs
  42. Zootopia
  43. Everybody’s Fine
  44. Minions

Well, like my 52 Books goal I didn’t quite make it. I had been on track to finish but when mom was diagnosed life sort of went haywire. Maybe I will try this one again for 2017.